Week 2 – Budget & Design


Last week I decided to set a little challenge for myself, I am going to upload one blog a week for the next four weeks. Currently, I am really excited to begin this new project so it isn’t much of a challenge but more of a time killer until my parents and I can get into the house. I kickstarted this challenge last Monday writing about the structural changes and layout we were aiming to achieve within our new house.

To briefly summarise what I went over last week, we are looking to change the current downstairs layout by removing the dividing wall between the kitchen and the front lounge and then add an ensuite bathroom between bedroom 1 and 3.

Current Layout

So, on to this weeks post… I’m going to mention budget first and foremost because money is always the elephant in the room when it comes to property development. After that I will then write more about the plans for our kitchen and bathroom.

Hopefully, the maximum to be spent on the entire project would be in the ball park of £105,000.00, ideally cutting this too 100,000.00. I don’t want to cut corners and I certainly would not jeopardise this project in the name of budget cuts however, I will be bargain hunting, you mark my words! Of course, this number has been determined by the total cost of the house and the fact that our estimated cost of work to be done comes to about £18,000 give or take. The maths that I have done has been based on figures that I have roughly researched and been guided to by my parents from their past experiences; we have not begun gathering quotes or speaking to trades yet as we have not got the keys right now. I have compiled my estimated figures into a pie chart for a different perspective, surprisingly to me the task that takes up the most of our budget is actually replacing the doors and windows. Second priority in the order of cost would be the roof work taking up 4% less of the budget than the doors and windows. Heating and rewiring we have given the same allowance of £3000, putting these collectively at 32% of our overall budget.

I understand that people could be confused by why I’m just guessing numbers, honestly the only reason I can give would be that I really want to see the transition from guess work to the real deal. Throughout this whole process I intend on keeping up to date with this blog, showing the before, during and after because it will be interesting to me to see the difference. In addition to this, setting a budget of any kind is important, even if it is a little loose. budget

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went”

From now on, that pie chart will be the reference point to all the work that goes on, and for the amount of time it took me to screenshot it and transfer it on here, it better be worth it.

I planned this post to also elaborate on the plans for the design of the kitchen and bathroom too and as you can see from the chart, the kitchen is probably going to under go the most work out of the 2. The lines become a bit blurry here in the chart as our kitchen-diner will come under both ‘structural changes’ and ‘kitchen’. When it comes to architecture and interior design I am no expert but I believe that our house suggests quite a Edwardian style, so when it comes to décor, we really need to sustain that classic, old style vibe and not be too influenced by a modern aesthetic, which will be difficult to steer away from with a open kitchen-diner as this trend is not very old fashioned. When it comes to the actual kitchen units, wooden panelled units look spot on in more classic houses and I am a real fan of the kind of pastel colour palette that is popular amongst country homes, I think this sort of criteria is what I would aim for with the kitchen because it strikes a great balance between classic and up to date.

  • Open kitchen-diner
  • Wooden units
  • Pale colour palette (love eggshell blue especially)
  • £3000

Another funny one on the pie chart is the bathroom. Our current placement for the bathroom would be around the £500 mark, I asked my dad on this one and I think that this just comes down to the fact that we will probably not splash out on a bathroom set and the plumbing should be basic enough for us to do ourselves. This being said, it’s a tiny little space that would definitely benefit from an ensuite situated somewhere else. With this in mind, the ensuite would probably be able to stretch into the following budgets, ‘bathroom’, ‘decoration’ and ‘structural changes’. The real challenge is going to be rearranging these rooms to maximise space and efficiency, in terms of design, I think we will opt for a neutral theme for the bathroom, keep everyone satisfied. Although… the ensuite you say… as this will probably be located between 2 rather plain rooms I would like to have a hint of life in this room. I am currently pondering a bit of a botanic vibe, so really plain walls with maybe pale green tiles in the shower, I have noticed the white tile theme on Pinterest is popular but to me, I think it looks a bit claustrophobic reminding me of a prison brick wall. Furthermore, hanging on the wall I would really like to have some pressed flowers in a gold frame (personally think this is interior goals ATM). Fingers crossed I get a vote of approval.

  • Neutral, calm, family friendly main bathroom
  • Jack and Jill ensuite
  • Botanical themed ensuite with pale green and gold highlights
  • Aesthetic/classic
  • £500/£500

Once again, I will have a search to find some ideas that will be able to illustrate my plans better than words can and will link the original websites so you can have a look. It has been really difficult to find exactly what I have planned but these are as close as I can get. I do have a board on Pinterest all to do with Home Inspiration so feel free to have a nosey.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The kind of simplistic vibe I’m aiming for – https://www.homebase.co.uk/ideas-advice/kitchen-and-bathroom/bathroom-ideas (homebase ideal senses collection). I really like this simple suite for the main bathroom but probably using warmer toned tiles on the walls.

Love these tiles to fit with the botanical theme -https://www.homify.co.uk/ideabooks/42277/bold-bathroom-wall-tiles (Sea Green Dream). This website has some really beautiful interiors on their website, I like these tiles a lot so hopefully we will be able to get some good value ones for the ensuite.

This kitchen is perfect! – http://visualresistance.org/kitchens/home-kitchen-diner-design-ideas.html.

I would like a bath in the main bathroom and a shower in the ensuite – https://www.homebase.co.uk/aqualux-quadrant-800-x-800mm-shower-enclosure-and-tray-package_p105287. I really like the idea of the ensuite shower sitting between the 2 doors in the Jack and Jill suite, I think that it would look really stylish. Also those tiles would look nice in the main bathroom.

My Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.co.uk/laurah0939/home-inspo/


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