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This weekly upload is going to be a study blog, written to help me revise my course, Project Management BSc. Hopefully, it will also create a good overview for anyone else looking to study the same thing.

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Procurement Type 2
Procurement Types 3
HS2 Stakeholder Analysis

Scheduling and Resource Management Example Exam Question My Answer:

Question 1
a) Construct the network diagram for the project. Identify the critical path and
the minimum project duration.
[30 marks]
b) Construct a Gantt Chart for the project assuming earliest start dates for all
activities. Highlight on the Gantt chart the activities on the critical path,
activity total float and the earliest finish date of the project.
[30 marks]
c) Assuming that each activity needs one programmer, construct a resource
histogram showing the number of programmers required on the project.
Comment on the requirement for programmers on the project assuming
each activity starts at its earliest start time.
[10 marks]

Answer in real assessment marked 82%

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*Notes taken from University Presentations, I’ve tried to put things into my own words as far as possible/referenced as best as I can

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