Week 1 – Structure & Changes


I have decided to set a little challenge for myself today, I am going to upload one blog a week for the next four weeks. Currently, I am really excited to begin this new project so it isn’t much of a challenge but more of a time killer until my parents and I can get into the house. This week we received a letter of confirmation from the solicitor stating that our offer had been accepted and that the keys would be ours in a countdown of 6 weeks (which at this moment, feels like a lifetime) provided all goes to plan.

So, I have broken down a few topics that I would like to write about now for me to look back on when the project is complete. One of the main reasons I have made this blog is so that in the future, I am able to look back and remember the whole thing, and also to allow me to think about things more clearly and see where it could have been done better. Nonetheless, right here, right now I am going to write about the present layout, the structural improvements that we aim to make and the cost that we hope to limit ha-ha.

At present, when you walk in through the front door, firstly there is a little entrance way and through that you are then met by the staircase in the hallway, to your left a sitting room and to the right we have a slightly larger lounge area. Further on from these, there is the doorway to an extremely little kitchen and a separate utility room with an additional porch area (which is like a small, wooden shed somehow attached to the back of the house).

Halfway up the stairs, we have an awkwardly placed bathroom and then fully on the first floor there is 3 alright sized bedrooms.

floor plan

See below my altered plans: I have made 2 different versions, the only difference between the two of them is the placement of the ensuite bathroom.

ensuite 1

Ensuite Layout 1

ensuite 2

Ensuite Layout 2

Now then, what I would like to do with the ground floor, ideally would be to knock down the dividing wall between the kitchen and lounge. The days of having a 2 front rooms, I believe are well and truly over and additionally, I think it makes for a very anti-social home life. This space would be perfectly sized for an open plan kitchen dining room, it would bring in light from either end of the house using the space inclusively as opposed to divisively. The tricky thing with this job would probably be that this wall looks like a load-bearing wall meaning that the weight of the house sits along this wall and suggests that the wall is structurally important. Of course there are ways to remove it if it does turn out to be load-bearing, as we don’t necessarily want the building to collapse, we could perhaps replace it with an I beam, this would run along the bottom of the ceiling and shift the weight, instead of directly to the floor like the wall was doing, it would evenly distribute the weight to either ends of the room and down walls kind of like a bridge.

Another modification I would like to make to the layout would be to add an ensuite bathroom to the upstairs. The current bathroom is rather tiny so an additional bathroom space would be great in this house. Internally, this building has limited space so it might be tricky to incorporate an ensuite, but I thought, instead of restricting it to the one room, a Jack and Jill ensuite between either bedroom would look really nice. In the plans that I have put my changes on to, you are able to see the kind of design I went for and the effect it would have on the space in the bedrooms. Looking at the plans next to each other, I am leaning more to the 2nd option where the ensuite sits sandwiched between bedroom 1 and 3. I’m no plumber, but it also looks like plumbing could be a bugger, where would the pipes go? Furthermore, the size I used is the same as the bathroom minus the corners I cut out to fit the doors, in the 1st plan there would be no way to make it any larger as it would sit perfectly in the middle of the 2 windows but in the 2nd plan, there would be the option to expand more into bedroom 1 for sure.

Right now, those are the only major changes that we are looking to make (except from the porch but I want to write about that in a separate blog). The roof is also looking like it’s going to need a bit of work but that is way out of my league, so I’ll not bother mentioning the changes that are going to go on with that yet. In terms of cost, I would ideally like to stick a maximum of roughly £1500 on the building work of the designs that I’ve described (not including the cost of the actual ensuite, just the structural work), literally no evidence to support this figure, just a random figure I’ve chosen based on what I’ve been seeing online, pretty pointless even guessing but hey-ho.

I’ve been on Pinterest to find some examples for what I would aim for with the new kitchen/dining room if we do go ahead with the work I have described.  I’ll put their original links in the post too as they aren’t my photos and I’ve got a home design board on Pinterest that I will link below too.

Whilst I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest I came across the website: visualresistance.org, which has amazing content, I found exactly the kind of open kitchen I was looking for. I’ve inserted 2 of the photos from the website, one more country style and the other a more modern, simplistic kitchen-dining room.

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My Pinterest home inspo board: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/laurah0939/home-inspo/